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You'll find here a collection of curated resources to help you transition to UX design and then grow into your new career beautifully.

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100 pages of bite-sized, actionable advice on the basics of the UX Industry. 

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Mento Design Academy

Our top bootcamp recommendation: 6-months UX bootcamp, remote & self-paced, built and taught by a top team of designers. 


Earn 10% off out of the price for Ironhack's remote or in-person bootcamps in various fields.

IxDF's Bootcamps

Earn a 200$ discount to IxDF's Bootcamps. Discover their bootcamps.

IxDF Basic UX Courses

Get 25% off the annual subscription that grants you access to over 30 UX courses. 

UX Bootcamps

Our top recommendations for UX education based on dozens of interviews with bootcamp graduates. Plus UX discounts!

UX Podcasts

Our favourite podcast shows for aspiring and junior UX Designers. 

Honest UX Talks

I'm joined by Anfisa Bogomolova to unpack all the topics that junior UX Designers need to explore.

UX Podcast

A digital design podcast sharing insights about business, technology and people since 2011. 

New Layer

Tanner & Jasmine discuss design careers, tools, education, critique, and much more.

Design Better Podcast

Chats with design leaders to uncover how they achieved success. Stories & insights from the best in product design.

UX Tools

Discounts and recommendations for all the best UX tools. Coming soon.